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Welcome to the North Pacific Free Caucus, a shining bastion of Democracy in the totalitarian society of the pentacle. An alliance of four cities in the Pacific Northwest, here the Free Council has persuaded the other Orders to led Democracy reign, and under its benevolent rule all prosper. Or so the propaganda goes.

The facts are a little bit muddier. Careful politicking has undermined the democratic process and left most places running business as usual: the powerful hold all the cards, everyone else does their best to stay out of the way. But hey, things are pretty good here. It’s 1998, the economy is blazing. Starbucks and Microsoft are making Seattle rich. Grunge music made Seattle the cultural touchstone of the 90’s. So what if the crime rate keeps going up. Who cares if a few street people disappear. There’s crime everywhere, right?


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Main Page

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