Magic Setting

Setting: Magical Seattle

Seattle is a fairly traditional Concilium, with some minor trappings of Free Council liberalism. The largest city in the North Pacific Free Caucus, Seattle views itself as being the leader of the Caucus, a view the other cities would hotly contest. Without question Seattle has the most mages of any city in the Caucus, and the most vibrant magical community.

Hierarch and Council

The Hierarch and Council of Seattle are nominally elected by popular vote, but the manner in which that voting system works dispels any notion of democracy. Each mage receives one vote, with one additional vote for each arcane he has demonstrated master level proficiency of. This obviously weights the voting base heavily towards the more senior mages. Additionally, mages are not allowed to cast their own votes, rather the councilor for their order casts their votes for them. How each Order selects their councilor is left up to that Order. Which means that the Free Council votes for theirs and everyone else is determined by internal Order politics.

The Council is composed of one member from each order, and the Hierarch is elected from among the Councilors (meaning there are 4 Councilors and 1 Hierarch). All decisions are made by vote among the mages, with the councilors casting votes for their constituents (the Mages from their order). A simple majority is required for all decisions with the exception of impeachment of a Councilor and Capital crimes, both of which require a 2/3rds majority. In the very unlikely case of a tie the Hierarch breaks the tie.

Apostates are not given the opportunity to vote, but are sometimes inducted as supernumerary members of an order so that their vote may be pledged to a particular councilor, though they are not given access to that order’s secrets.


These are the major cabals in the city. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, simply the cabals the players have heard of.

Magic Setting

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