Campaign Structure

.h2 Campaign Structure

This Mage chronicle is going to focus on the lives of a handful of Mages as the progress from newly graduated apprentices to active maturity. Again the focus of this chronicle is very much the characters and their development. The story will be built around the characters and developing them, not around some unwritten novel I have brewing.

In order to allow for longer range character development, I’m going to break the game up with significant sections of downtime. The campaign will start in 1998, at the height of the Internet Boom. We’ll play several stories (possibly quite a few), then we’ll have some downtime and pick up again a few years later in game.

Because this game is so heavily character driven, I want to get a pretty strong idea of who your characters are and where they’re going. The first session is going to be entirely devoted to character creation, with possibly awakenings/preludes.

Campaign Structure

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