North Pacific Free Caucus

Session 0: Character Creation


Welcome to the North Pacific Free Caucus Session Recaps. I’m going to time/date stamp these based on when we played, rather than when I wrote the recap. Our first session took place on Friday June 5th around 7pm Pacific. The first session was devoted to character creation and preludes. I’m not going to recount the awakenings of each character, though we did play through those, as it’s up to the players whether or not they want to put those up on their individual character pages. Instead I’m going to provide a very quick write up on each character, just in case the players decide not to post their characters online, then describe the situation the Cabal has created for itself, and finally describe the final scene of the night, the Concilium meeting.



Ianna is an Obrimos Free Councilor of a distinctly technomagical bent. She awakened as a senior in college, and was recruited by Etherdyn Systems. She’s mentored by Quake.


Rodin is an Arcanthus Free Councilor, and awakened quite late in life. A blue collar guy in his 40’s, Rodin is definitely the voice of age and reason in the group. Rodin is mentored by Summer, and doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the techie crowd at Etherdyn.


Twist is a hard-drinking hard-partying Mastigos Free Councilor. A young mage, Twist is somewhat well known on the local music scene. He’s also somewhat well known as a troublemaker on the local magic scene. His mentor is Suleiman


The Cabal as a whole is a subsection of Etherdyn Systems Incorporated. None of the characters are board members, holding ownership stake, and thus having a say in the direction of the Cabal. However, the characters are all mentored by board members and thus receive a great deal more patronage than the average “employee” Mage at Etherdyn Systems.

Concilium Meeting

The character creation session concluded with the characters attending a Concilium meeting. This meeting took place in the restaurant of the Space Needle, which had been reserved for a “Private Party.” The players stuck close to the other Free Councilors during the pre-dinner drinks, and were seated with same for dinner. The Hierarch gave a nice speech during which he said many words, but none of substance.

Inanna was quite impressed with his almost feral good looks and commanding presence and made a point of getting herself introduced to the Hierarch after dinner. She managed not to embarrass herself, or her mentor, but despite her best efforts she was not able to attract the Hierarchs interest with her feminine wiles.

Rodin, meanwhile, escaped the meeting at the earliest possible opportunity.

Twist took maximum advantage of the free food and drinks, and made instant, and instantly forgotten, drinking buddies with a few like minded freeloaders mages.


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